Coffin Birth – Necrotic Liquefaction

As the years have gone by, bands have come and gone, some of whom have been pegged the new Insect Warfare, most of them being set up for failure or not living up to the so-called hype. I myself have listened to bands in the past and hoped for something close and potentially more raw and just out right as ridiculously good as Insect Warfare, which has led me to just dismiss any and all comparisons to Insect Warfare as a whole, but then something came to my attention.

Digging deeper and submerging myself into more and more Aussie extreme music projects I have come across many a gem, if you read my section regarding what I listened to in February, I was bound to stumble onto these guys eventually. Coffin Birth is a name I have seen a lot over the last few months and had in my backlog of things to catch up on, until a good fried of mine asked me if I have any of their material and if so what I made of it? I was then reminded to check it out and a quick Google led to the bands bandcamp page where their latest release, titled Necrotic Liquefaction was available under the “name your price” option.

Coffin Birth Necrotic Liquefaction

I though what the heck, lets give this a spin and I was absolutely obliterated by the sheer “brutality” -a word I feel has lost all its meaning, thanks to the brutal death metal morons- and knew this was the real deal. It’s fast, ferocious, intense and just out right war on music. The noise was definitely strong with this one. The abrasive whirlwind of death was over in just under 10 minutes. Colour me impressed, no wait, scratch that, I was absolutely blown away.


We look for genre defining release that would shape a genre for years to come and if one had to do a timeline of grindcore milestone releases, Coffin Birth would be right up there as the new extreme at this time. Hailing from the West-Coast of Australia and more specifically Brisbane, the death grinders have impressed me thoroughly. I would highly recommend this, cause like most things in Australia; this will try to kill you! Until next month… Grind to Death! You can find more of their stuff here  or via the YouTube link below.

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