Necro Social Review: MassGrave/Suffering Mind Split

This is a review that was written in 2013 for the Necro Social zine based in Australia.

Not often you get to review a split where two of the heavy weights of underground noise come together to rip shit up. The Mass Grave/ Suffering Mind split is exactly that.

MassGrave is a crustcore band from Vancouver, Canada. There are various bands that go by the same name, however there can only be one MassGrave. The undisputed kings of crustcore have made waves in the underground scene doing various splits and of course their now legendary 5 years of Grinding Crust Core released on Power It Up records in 2008. They have their very own signature sound that absolutely rips. Their song “support your scene” speaks volumes to what is generally the issue in most scenes across the world. Being South African and having little or no scene whatsoever, that particular track really stood out for me. This side of the split is sheer crustcore madness from start to the very abrupt end.

Suffering Mind is a grindcore band from Lublin, Poland and has taken the underground by storm with fast, unforgiving and for the most part relentless grindcore. They continue to be Poland’s most prolific grindcore export and they have basically picked up where Assück left off in 98’. The material isn’t just a barrage of hellfire rockets and Katyusha missiles from the get go. The Suffering Mind side of the split starts off with a track titled “Gad”, which has one of the sickest intros I have heard in a long time, It might start off slow, but fuck me it the coolest fucking riff, before ripping into you like a meat cleaver at speed. Even though most of the lyrics are in polish, I don’t think I could have thought of a better band for MassGrave do a split with.

In retrospect of 2012, this split is definitely my favourite of the year so for or every other year thus far to be completely honest. The MassGrave side of the split is made up of 4 tracks, where the Suffering Mind side of the split is made up 5 tracks. This is how you do a split, 9 tracks, which in total is 10 minutes complete obliteration. This spit is probably my favourite noise splits ever, bar none. Try and get your hands on one if at all possible.

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