Temple of Doom 4

The Temple of Doom is back for its 4th incarnation and this time round it’s going to be a big one! The show takes place at local favourite Rumours Lounge and it’s going to be a big one! 10 bands take the stage and the first show kicks off at 14:30 on the 2nd of May.

Temple of Doom 4

From Stone Rock to Surf and Funk to Noise, Sludge and droning Doom! It sure to be a ripper for all involved and if you’re into the eerie and heavy as well as the funky and experimental, this show will something for everyone’s taste.


The line-up consists of the following:

14:30 Animals In Suits
15:30 it
16:30 Sun Dogg
17:30 Pollinator
18:30 The Zoo Biscuits
19:30 The Moths
20:30 Goat Throne
21:30 STRAGE
22:30 Mad God
23:30 Corax

It’s a long weekend and I’m sure it will be pretty cold, so come on down and get stoned and doomed out of your mind to kick off the month of May!


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