Endless Swarm/Brainshit Split Review for Echoes & Dust

I do a lot of reviews all over the show,but mainly I contribute to Echoes & Dust and I recently reviewed the Endless Swarm/Brainshit split

“It seems that every year, tEndless Swarm/Brainshit Splithere are a handful of obscure grindcore or powerviolence bands who make it their mission to just come up with the most ridiculous splits around. It seems to be a running joke, or maybe it’s just me. It is time again for one of these splits and this time it’s Edinburgh powerviolence cretins Endless Swarm and their partners in crime Brainshit, whom are also based in the United Kingdom…”

You can read the full review here

Additionally you can find the split at the Mind Ripper Collective bandcamp

Look out for the interview with the lads from Mind Ripper Collective coming later today.

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