Lost Release From 2015 – Part 2

So after I managed a tour I’m back, fully recovered and ready to catch up on more releases I missed from 2015, and there were a lot of them.get ready for part 2.

Eraser – Fuck Off and Grind

Palermo based 4 piece old school grindcore band known as Eraser and their “Kebab Grind” has me in all sort of hysteria and I am loving their short, abrasive and rather punk release simply titled “Fuck Off and Grind”.



Haggus – The First Six Months – A Mincecore Collection

My obsession with the west-coast bands and in particular Oakland knows no bounds. Haggus, Oakland-based mincers have released a gore infatuated video with their entire catalog called “The First Six Months”, which is 40 odd minutes of straight up, unadulterated mincecore and it fucking rules!


Milorganaut – Kaszuba Isle

I was put onto Malorganaut by a friend along with a few other releases, which I am yet to listen to. These guys definitely stood out and the Milwaukee, Wisconsin definitely does turn it on and to say I was impressed would be an understatement.  Fast, abrasive and that D.I.Y. feel to the recording. Straight up powerviolence, no bullshit. Ripping release!



Fast, intense, abrasive, yeah you might start to notice a trend here. It’s all about the rhythms along with the level of intensity is what gives Family Vacation the nod for me. It will rip you apart. It has the speed and the grim rhythms that make you sit up and take notice. Hella Fucking Sidewayz will have you hooked! I know I am.







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