Lost Release From 2015 – Part 3

So April was a fuck up of note and I managed to compile a list of a lot of bands to check out and surprise surprise, I found most of the coolest releases I missed last year.

Sidetracked Split with To The Point.

Lightning fast powerviolence mania from Tacoma, Washington that is all fucking go all the time. Rip roaring riffs and incredible drumming. These guys will chew you up and spit you out. This split with To The Point has to be one of my favourite splits of last year.

You can find the full split on Youtube

To The Point Split with Sidetracked.

So the other side of the above mentioned packs a might punch for just over 4 minutes of raging fast hardcore/powerviolence and it’s just the right length for the split to be complimented by a 2 minute something Sidetracked side, so having this bad boy on repeat means you have some righteous jams for your trip to the store.  To The Point has one of the more classic sounds when it comes to the powerviolence soundscape and it embodies that California sound perfectly.

Scum human.

Now for something completely different. From the gospel of “Fuck Grindcore”, I give you Scum Human and their 2015 Demo, which is straight up Crossed Out worship right through and it manages to capture that beautifully with some excellent tracks. If you’re a fan of some OG jams, I would highly recommend you check out Scum Human. There is a split with Concussive coming later this year as well.


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