Big Idiot – 2016 Tour Cassette Review

Not sure I qualify to comment or even have a valid opinion on this here powerviolence stuff, but luckily this is the Internet and I can just run this here meaningless blog about angry screaming over the cool noise.

So I will share my unwanted and unwarranted opinion on Big Idiot  – 2016 Tour Cassette. Even though the tour has been canceled, these noise mongers still released on of the best releases of 2016 in my opinion.

For those of my readers(laughs manically), who are not familiar with Big Idiot, they’re a 3- piece powerviolence band from Olympia, Washington and they fucking kick some serious keister.

Think classic hardcore guitar sound and none of that obnoxious snare drum that seems to be all part of the formula these days (P.S. I like an obnoxious snare drum) and package it all with some incredible rhythm segway every time the vocal style jumps back and forth. I also hate making comparisons so I will do it but in such a way that the avid powerviolence fan knows what I am referring to. Think humor in the lyrics, incredible vocal ranges throughout the entire release and just having fun and mocking everything that annoys you.

Big Idiot is incredible and they do what they do and they’re done, it’s silly, it’s fast, fucking tight and one could sense a good sense of humor, which just adds to the atmosphere of this release. It’s all fun and games, but there is definitely a play fast or don’t attitude to their music. It’s fucking straight up and to the point, which is incredibly refreshing. No fancy synths, no gimmicks, just legit hardcore/powerviolence played fast.

This release is fucking sick and I hope to get my hands on a release. Definitely one of my favorite releases of the year so far and power to ’em. Keep kicking ass, keep playing fast and having fun, it’s a fucking treat to listen to!

You can check out all their releases here. Go on then, support some awesome jams!



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