Bob Plant – West Coast Mincecore Review

What’s harsher and more disgusting than grindcore? Mince-fucking-core and if you’re familiar with the West Coast scene and more specifically, Oakland, you probably know what’s up. I’m saying this as a loser who has a blog on music tens of thousands of miles away, how sad is that? But I digress.

I was introduced to Bob Plant earlier this year by a good friend and through them, I discover a bunch of other cool bands. Then I started looking around on the old Internet and tried to find a Bandcamp page or a Soundcloud page where I could stream their West Coast Micecore EP in full, but only came across one track and the entire EP being under 6 minutes, it wasn’t enough of a fix. “Mincecore gets bad press” is what I thought to myself and I eventually found their stuff on a distro in Phoenix and ordered it all right away. Shout out to Apartment 512 Boottique for hooking me up!

Needless to say, it was eventually put on Youtube by someone else even though the band didn’t really wanna be on the Internet, which is pretty OG in my opinion.  This being said, the music/noise speaks for itself with some of the most abrasive mincecore I have heard in a while and we all know of Agathocles, which becomes a bit stale, cause it’s all kinda has the same soundscape, not that they’re not one of the coolest bands ever and one of my favourites, but some new blood is always good.

The guitars, the bass, the drums all tied together with the lo-fi harsh vocals that make up the entire Bob Plant soundscape, which is complete and utter lo-fi audio terrorism. There are 10 tracks in just under 6 minutes of mincecore madness that is probably the best I’ve heard in a while and if you wanna fight me cause you’re some Archagathus fanboy, then hit me up and we can have a little Internet forum shitposting flame war!

If you can manage to get your hands on this release and any of the other splits they have done, I would highly recommend you do so, cause this is the next level of mincecore. Keep mincing, Bob Plant!

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