Fiend Split 7″ w/ Endless Demise

The two-piece grindcore outfit from Fresno, California first started out in the summer of 2012 though the local D.I.Y. community and started making some incredible west-coast grindcore madness.

Managed to get my hands on the Derailed EP and that was just fucking out of this world and also managed to pick up the tape through the order. They’re fucking incredible and they’ve recently released their side of the split with Endless Demise, who seem top be non-existent on Bandcamp as far as my knowledge goes. This being said, the Fiend side of the split is fucking balls to the wall grindcore and the fact that a two-piece can generate that much energy in a release, and live (I’ve seen some live sets) is just mind blowing. It’s short, abrasive and just full on anti-music barrage of noise and speed.


I would highly recommend you get your hands on some Fiend releases, you can get most of their stuff for free on their Bandcamp, but feel free to throw a few dollars their way.



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