Toilet Teeth Records

It’s bee quiet, too quiet for something to not be brewing and you’re absolutely right. The lack of posts are directly correlated to being busy as fuck and hustling hard. It all came about with a discussion about getting Big Idiot’s Tour Cassette on a label outside of North America. Some discussion with my homie over at Mind Ripper Records and it all came down to why can’t I just put it out on cassette?

I couldn’t answer the question and I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my own label for years. So I leverage some experience of friends who have labels abroad and some labels down in Cape Town and decided, fuck it, everything or nothing and that’s how Toilet Teeth Records was born.

The first release will be that of Corax and their debut S/T EP, which you can order here.

I quickly started getting in touch with bands from the west-coast of the U.S. and managed to hook up a second release through the release for Oakland, CA grinders, Your Enemy and their release Eradicating The Parasitic Hordes Through a Force That Cannot Be Overcome By Force, which was released earlier this year. The pre-orders are live and you can order your copy here.

Finally the 3rd release will be that of Big Idiot and their 2016 Tour Cassette. The Olympia, WA, powerviolence 3-piece unleashes some old school powerviolence tunes that will rip your head off from start to finish. The pre-order should go up this coming week, but for now I’ll leave you with the tour cassette release, which you can stream from their Bandcamp or on YouTube.

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