Lost Releases of 2015 – Part 4

Savage – 2015 Promo.

Savage is turning into one of the rainy city’s most important powerviolence bands. It’s classic powerviolence and has all the elements you’d come to expect from a band from the west-coast along with whatever the gore and grindcore freaks come up with these days.

Since this promo, they have released more material which includes a split with M.P.G., which you can find on their bandcamp page. I would definitely recommend you check them out. They kick some serious ass. 


Skulls – Howling Abyss.

I’ve been on a bit of an old school death metal trip in the last two weeks thanks to some friends over in the U.S and in Australia. Skulls is one such band I’ve been digging and only discovered them via some flyers I saw go up on the Sewercide tour of the States. Death/Doom filth from Santa Monica, Skulls deliver an eerie, filth fueled drones and hymns from the abyss in a feast of riffs! If you’re into doom and death metal, I would highly recommend you check these dudes out.


Acid Feast – Split w/Glob

Maggot infested splatter gore from Seattle,WA, Acid Feast is right up there with one of the most disgusting bands to have ever desecrated my cranium.  It’s just no bullshit, straight up gore from the rainy city and they just seem to keep pilling on the atrocities as time goes on. They’ve done several split with other mortuary mongers, but the split with Glob from Texas is definitely my favourite one so far. Remember kids, gore, not grindcore.


Spectral Voice – Necrotic Doom

Denver, Colorado based death doom outfit, Spectra Voice released probably one of the best releases I’ve heard to date. Incredibly slow, eerie and it’s riff after riff of necrotic doom filth unlike I’ve ever heard. The slow torment that is embodied within this release will rot you to your very core. This is has to be probably the best release I missed last year and would definitely have gone on top of my releases of the year list.

I highly recommend you get on it, who needs an Aura, let Spectral Voice rot yours away, one riff at a time.


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