Fiend – Split 7″ w/ Suffering Mind

It’s always a treat when one of the best bands in the U.S. does a split with one of the best bands in Europe.

Fresno grinders Fiend have teamed up with Suffering Mind for a split and if the Fiend side is anything to go by, this is going to be a ripper! Primal rage from start to abrupt finish as it just blasts you into pulp with some incredible ferociousness.

It’s short, abrasive and fast, what more could you want? 5 tracks, 4 minutes and it includes an Excruciating Terror cover as well. The two-piece grind machine just keeps on releasing bangers and are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands out there at the moment.


This split 7″ with Suffering Mind will be out on Drop Out Records. Don’t sleep on this one, it’s bound to turn an already stacked year of releases on its head!

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