September – In Review

I have not done much on here in a fair while, the whole working 9-5 thing has eaten into my free time, surprising I know.  I have not been able to finish my series on lost releases from 2015, but I guess doing the label and working will do that to you.

I’ve decided to do the previous month in review, so at least once a month something will be updated on this here blog and it doesn’t go entirely to the shitter.

September has been a mixed bag really in terms of music I’ve listened to, there have been a lot of death metal worship throughout and a lot of goregrind, which is fucking sick on all accounts. But let’s pay our respects to the masters, Darkthrone and their new record titled Arctic Thunder  Which I managed to get a hold of via their Bandcamp earlier on in September, not sure of that’s intentional or a mistake as the release date is only set for 14th of October.

Never the less I managed to indulge myself in Arctic Thunder and I was absolutely blown away by the raw savagery of the overall composition with some finesse here and there, but it’s a culmination of riffs that would make you check that you indeed still reside in wherever you live in and not fucking riff city!

The release on Bandcamp had to be a blunder since it has since been removed, but definitely, one of my top albums of the year as I have had it on repeat ever since I got it. As you can see, some good law abiding citizen did manage to upload the full album to YouTube.

So let’s get into the more gore and gruesome side of my September. We’ll start with the fact that Toilet Teeth Records has done a repress of the infamous Haggus/Glob split, which sees mincing madness from Oakland combine forces with 519 blastcore from El Paso, Texas! Limited to 50 copies, it’s a gruesome display of mincing goregrind that will leave you feeling disgusted yet craving more.

This release is just sheer brutality and it delivers quite the punch. I would highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t.

Staying on the topic of gore, one of my close friends recently got back from China and was surprised I had not listened to Parfumerie from good old Winnipeg, a constant source of extreme music savagery. I checked it out and I was blown away.

Packed full of protein, Transmundane and Unprofessional Delocation of Superfluous Extremities and Rare Tissues E.P.i s quite the mouth full and not to mention an ear full. Definitely one of the best releases out there.

Gore galore and no list at the end of the year will be complete without Proctologist’s debut release In Advanced Hemorrhoidal Conditions  EP. It’s taken what we know as goregrind to another level completely. The two-piece grind machine pummels you with pathological goregrind that incorporates foretaste riffs, gross vocals and some of the best gravity blasting I have ever heard. Consisting of members from Haggus and Fiend, it’s easy to see why this is going to be such a hit among the grinders out there who has an inclination to mince.

If you’re into the unspeakable, can appreciate groovy gore riffs and gravity blasts with an array of vocal styles that round off the entire package nicely, I would highly recommend this. It’s been something I’ve gone back to over and over again.

Earlier in the month it was all about the death metal. From coming across something from 1990 to some killer stuff from Chicago to Copenhagen and of course the new Krypts that will be out later this month, it was pretty good all round!

Age before beauty I guess, so let’s turn the clock back to 1990! At work I was busy with some rather tedious debugging and just had a YouTube playlist going and managed to come across Abhorrence’s 7″ and I was blown away by the sheer rawness and the savage riffs. I’m thoroughly on the team “forget Swedish Death Metal”.

After doing some googling, I managed to come across an article saying that their collective works were being released on Svart Records (who I’ve ordered from before), the only problem was that this was back in 2012. I took a shot and hit up Svart Records on Facebook and managed to get the very last copy. They, of course, had a sale, so you know, treat yourself. Anyway, definitely one of the all-time greats of Finnish death metal and death metal in its entirety. Check it out!

Back to the future and I managed to get myself hooked on a band called Nucleus from Chicago. They have their own unique style of old school death metal with lyrics predominantly about space, aliens, and extraterrestrial shit. Some killer riffs, intelligent songwriting and just all round eerie fucking death metal from the deepest reaches of space.

Their latest release is titled Sentient and it has a bit of everything I love in a death metal release including something that makes it stand out from your modern day death metal release. Definitely, something I would highly recommend.

Ever been to the Ossuary in Kutná Hora in the Czech Republic or heard of it? It’s a church that has it’s interior decorated with the remains of the dead.  That’s right, skulls and bones make up the interior in a rather grim macabre inspired Gothic style church in the middle of nowhere in the Czech Republic.

Now take that sight and imagine the stench of death and turn it into an audible horror from the undead realm and you’ve got yourself a band called Ossuary. Their debut is titled Cremation Ritual which was released last year, but I only managed to hear it this past week. I was absolutely blown away by the full sound and old school death metal worship they manage to bring to the table.


It’s only 4 tracks, but it is a journey into the vortex of death, a journey into the belly of the only true immortal, death itself. Howling, spectral-like shrieks accompanied by eerie riffs with immaculate drumming. Mid-tempo death metal from Wisconsin. This record has some astonishingly haunting hymns that will drive chills down your spine.  Definitely, check out this band, they fucking slay!

Last but not least, Finland’s finest, Krypts are releasing a new record on the 28th of October. Remnants of Expansion will be the follow-up to their acclaimed debut Unending Degradation, which was astounding, to say the least.

There are only two tracks available for streaming, but it’s enough to give you insight into the terror they’re about to unleash come late October. This album sounds huge and is definitely on par if not better than it’s predecessor. This will be another one to add to the list of best albums come December.

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