October/November (2016) – In Review

The month of October was an absolute nightmare work wise and the November came round and made it look like child’s play. So I’ve been severely slacking with updates, but at least I didn’t stop listening to music. This post is incredibly late, get off my back for christ’s sake.

The deep dark rabbit hole that is Death Metal had most of my attention during these two months as I was thoroughly sucked into the likes of Blood Incantation and Krypts, both who had had incredible releases. The aforementioned both made their way to the top of my end of year list.

Blood Incantation – Starspawn

Colorado-based Death Metal outfit Blood Incantation is my album of the year and if you’re familiar with the album, it isn’t hard to see why. The best incorporation of technical guitar riffs into any Death Metal release I’ve heard in the last hand full of years. This is what Death Metal is all about, riffs, riffs, and more riffs. This being said Blood Incantation has taken it to another level, no another dimension, laying waste to the astral plane with cold, eerie, interdimensional Death Metal that will send chills down your spine.


Starspawn is a  discography defining masterpiece and will be talked about fo years and years to come as one of the best albums ever in my opinion. I’ve not heard such technicality and musical showmanship since the mighty Demilich. They bare super technical and make the riffs work and execute it in such a way that it breaks the Old School Death Metal mold by enhancing it. That’s the highest compliment I can give this band that has absolutely blown me away.


Krypts – Remnants of Expansion

October was a long, hard bastard of a month, where I basically had music to keep me sane. At the end of October, Finnish based Death-Doom outfit Krypts release their second full-length album titled “Remnants of Expansion” and it dropped on me like a ton of bricks. Incredible riffs, tremendous build ups and one it started going, it’s an unstoppable force that just keeps on going.


Remnants of Expansion is heavy, it’s slow and the riffs just keep coming. When I listen to it, it’s like being hammered into nothing by the force of an ever expanding universe. It’s very dark,  menacing and malevolent with the soul purpose to destroy.  I thoroughly enjoyed this record and it’s an incredible follow-up top their debut full-length.


Tomb Mold – Bottomless Perdition

Ontario Death Metal fiends Tomb Mold released their 1st demo titled “The Bottomless Perdition”, which is just a barrage of riffs and old school worship from start to finish. It stays true to the classic style that I have come to love and appreciate over the years.


Tomb Mold is no thrills Death Metal, just crushing, eerie, spectral heaviness. It is one of my favorite releases of the year for sure and a band I would highly recommend to anyone who can appreciate riffs.


Church of Disgust – Veneration of Filth

Texas based Death Metal outfit, Church of Disgust was introduced to me this year by a good friend of mine. I got hooked on Unworldly Summoning and the heard that there was a new release coming later on in 2016. I was super excited to see what would come of it and I am happy to report that it is a monster of an album


This album is definitely one of my favorites and I am 100% on the Keep Death Metal Disgusting bandwagon! If you love good Death Metal, this filth from Texas will not disappoint.


Taphos – Demo MMXVI

Death Metal has very specific sounds and different nuances in terms of styling depending on where in the world it’s from. Sure we’re all pretty familiar with the sounds o Sweden and even that of Finland and of course the united states.

Denmark is starting to carve out their own sound and niche within the Death Metal underground. Enter Taphos and their first demo. I was absolutely blown away by this release. It has everything that makes it a well rounded underground release. 4 tracks of skull crushing raw Death Metal. I would definitely recommend you give it a spin and get your hands on one of these demos.


QRIXKUOR – Three Devils Dance

QRIXKUOR is a 4 piece Death Metal band based in London, U.K., and they dabble in the occult and death as all good bands do. They unleash a healthy dose of unadulterated Death Metal. It’s raw and almost reminiscent of Teitanblood in terms of the utter chaos that is overwhelmingly eerie from start to finish.


The occult is strong with this one, so the sky is the limit. Light some candles, draw a sigil with the blood of innocents and let us worship!





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