I’ve been writing inane drivel about music since December 2011 for various websites and zines. These websites include the following:

  • Alternative Matter (R.I.P.)
  • This Is Not A Scene
  • Ghost Cult Magazine
  • Echoes & Dust
  • Noisefix
  • Violent Resonance
  • Fucked By Noise
  • Necro Social
  • etc.

I’ve decided to start a blog where I can host all of these ramblings for your reading pleasure and will add some longer feature pieces, interviews and reviews here in the near future.

Additionally, promoting local and international gigs and shedding some light on small ¬†independent labels, along with the various D.I.Y. warriors out there who’s contributions go unnoticed.

Keeping you in the loop with news and happenings around the world regarding extreme music.




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