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Cheesy Heavy Metal Gives Me Life!

So I’ve been listening to a lot of old school cheesy heavy metal and that has kind of pushed me to look for more recent releases. I’ve found quite a few and this year has been incredible for music in … Continue reading

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Music, music music Pt 2.

This edition has me reeling on some older stuff mixed in with the new. It’s always good to find out what releases you missed a few years ago and has suddenly improved your life. I give you this parasailing of … Continue reading

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Music, Music, Music

August and September were an absolute fuckshow for various reasons and the only thing that really makes it at all bearable is to just focus on music. A wise man once said “riffs are forever”. Anyway, here are some killer … Continue reading

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Old but Gold

I’ve been digging into heaps of old releases recently, looking for some inspiration whilst writing new material for various projects I’m currently involved with. So I thought “fuck it”, might as well make a list and share it! These are timeless … Continue reading

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Nights of Death Metal in the Skull Cave

If you’re a sick fuck I would highly recommend you check out Nights of Death Metal in the Skull Cave with Demonskull! There’s a new Episode out every Friday and it’s a good way to find some killer new music! … Continue reading

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Back In Business.

Yo, been fucking ages since I put anything on here. Been a rough ride for a multitude of reasons. I won’t go into many details because no one reads this anyway. Tour was fucking sick and I miss my friends, … Continue reading

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October/November (2016) – In Review

The month of October was an absolute nightmare work wise and the November came round and made it look like child’s play. So I’ve been severely slacking with updates, but at least I didn’t stop listening to music. This post … Continue reading

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